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Now that the president has extended the time we have to continue the social distancing it came to mind about how us as production major can make something interesting out of this. What I mean about that I have considered doing a mini documentary about my experience in isolation just the things that I have been doing during this time of isolation and also how the world is adjusting to this pandemic. At the same time I have also considered to writing down a few notes on a notebook of my experiences as well. We might not see it now but this pandemic is going to be shown in the history books and it would be nice to have some type of documentation about our experience during this time, you may never know it might be use to make a full documentary or even movie y’all know who the world works

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  • Michael Grossman

    It is a great idea… and if you want to see a practical application of a successful SCRIPTED documentary style film… if you have not seen Blair Witch Project maybe you could get some ideas. Not the genre of what you are talking about doing but effective storytelling and although scripted it used doc. techniques to effective advantage.

    It is a great idea, do it! You can’t shoot too much. Even if you get time lapse of you sleeping.. anything to document time and activity, be creative.

    Be safe.

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