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I’m sure you’ve come across an article or two attempting to instill some fear in you about Hollywood and its chances of survival once things kick back up after this situation we currently find ourselves in. Theaters across the nation even the world are closed due to the pandemic, many are doubtful the industry will wither and die. As if streaming services popping up left and right like a virus of their own, many have said that this would be the killer of theaters. Now theaters have another obstacle to overcome in the shape of this pandemic. According to Indiewire.com Christopher Nolan, has written an essay urging the public to keep the cinemas alive once we are all able to attend the theaters safely. In the essay he talks about the movie business being about us all from the audience to the people working the concession stands. Nolan really expresses his concern and passion for the art in this message asking us to keep the theaters alive. Even though everything that’s happening is frightful I’m positive that the release of Nolans new movie Tenant should get theaters kickstarted once everything is back to normal.

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  • Julian

    I agree with this, I haven’t seen any article about the fear of the theater closing but I do see that now streaming is a lot better than going to see a movie at the theater. Its just more simple to just sit at home and watch a movie instead of going to the movies and having to spend more money because of snacks and stuff.

  • Michael Grossman

    Rest assured the entertainment business will not be destroyed. Movies, TV, streaming… is still the least expensive form of entertainment there is and will be fine. I can’t say the same for restaurants and other businesses like that but the entertainment business will be fine. As far as actual cinemas, most are owned by huge deep pocket conglomerates and will be fine. Small independent theaters could face hard times, that will remain to be seen.

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