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When all this first happened I was like “Yo cool extended Spring Break” and now I’m like “Shit this sucks”.

And I say that for so many reasons. From lack of interaction with my fellow creatives (y’all), those who I love most (also y’all), and also from witnessing how this is affecting people are sick, dying, and who are now out of work. Since Covid-19 got serious I got hired at my internship with Houston Arts Alliance (HAA) to research funding, grants, and resources that artists can take advantage of during all this BS. (really sad music is playing as I write this so I may become more emotional as I write) but things have become more real for me and I’m understanding how this is really affecting people.
I write all this to bring to light that there are many resources for artists out there who are struggling to make ends meet so please share them, donate to them, and take advantage of them if you or your loved ones are hurting and are eligible to apply.

Below are some google docs I have created that have a ton of resources for various artists. I encourage you again to donate and share if you can. Reach out to me if you have questions, please!

Below is also a link to donate directly to HAA’s artist relief fund as well.

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  • Jasmyn Campbell

    As crazy and devastatingly surreal the state the world is in right now, it is so comforting to know that beautiful souls like you exist. Thank you for sharing!

  • Hales

    Thank you so much for your words, Patrick. I really appreciate the work you have done to support artists in this time. What we have all been turning to during the quarantine has been art, but it is still “non-essential.” I think that is a real shame.

  • Kelvin Kataria

    It’s times like these where camaraderie and compassion should shine most. I’ll make some time to dedicate myself to this cause to support struggling artists.

    Also here’s a wonderful website with so many organizations/resources offering grants during the COVID outbreak

    I hope this helps, even if it’s a little.

  • Michael Grossman

    Obsessed with are…. then use this experience. When I was doing, “From the Earth to the Moon” I was working with Dave Scott an astronaut and one of only 12 humans to have ever walked on the moon. He told me his biggest disappointment of the program was that they never sent artists teachers…. basically thinkers. They sent test pilots, granted very brave test pilots but he always felt that so much was lost to not sending people from other disciplines. With that said, yes your spring break is screwed up yes your semester is screwed up, yes this whole thing is a mess HOWEVER, you are living in likely a once in a lifetime experience. An intense human drama of monumental size and scope. Take it in, log it, write about it, document things with you phone or whatever you have. Use this experience. I know it is not easy trust me, I’m just locked in my place too. But take that bottled up energy and apply yourself and immerse yourself in it completely. You can have the foresight to ride on top of the wave of a truly once in a lifetime event. Be an artist, apply yourself to it… a diamond is formed from coal under unspeakable pressure and temperatures… you are that coal right now…. don’t think you have to have an overall concept from the start… just start. It may take shape on the way, you may make it through and sit down months from now and say ok what do I have here and be amazed. But start… just start, it can be looked at as a horrible time or as an artist it can be looked at as something to explore.

    Be safe.

  • Michael Grossman

    Obsessed with *ART…. sorry for the typo

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