I couldn’t think of anything filmish to blog about but I wanted to throw this out there because it’s kinda cool.

I modeled for one of my good friends (John Carlo) who some of you may know. And the photo is featured on vogue Italia’s website (idk how official it is because it’s not a magazine or anything) but the photos are great. So here are a few photos from the set. Also give him a follow on Instagram. He also develops film so you can reach out to his email located on Instagram and he’ll develop color film for ~$10 a roll.


Here are some of the shots and the link to vogue Italia’s page.

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  1. Lookin’ good, cowboy!

  2. Multi-talented Patrick! That’s some great modelin’, I admire this style a lot.

  3. This collection was absolutely stunning to me. From costume design (is that the correct terminology for photography?), to the colors and haziness. Pure art.

  4. I saw these and other photos on Instagram and I thought it was a model that looked like you! Amazing!

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