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I recently came across this video detailing how Mad Max:Fury Road came to be. As it turns out most of the movie was done by following only story boards and a script was barely used and that has finally resonated with me to start doing and using story boards no matter how bad of an artist I happen to be. It can always be helpful this is also just a great short watch if you wish to learn a few things.

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  • Hales

    Very interesting watch! Coming from a place where storyboarding has been put on the back-burner it is cool to see how important it is for other filmmakers.

  • Miranda

    Thanks for sharing the video! Sometimes I give up storyboarding half way because I think I know the story I want to tell throughly enough but, I’ll keep this in mind!

  • Michael Grossman

    Keep in mind that everyone’s process is different. The tools that help you visualize and remember what is in your head is not the same as others. Don’t try and force something to work for you just because it worked well and made sense to the application and person in the video. Some do well with storyboards, some do well with “doodle boards” (can’t draw :). some do well with detailed shot lists… it is not the same for everyone and it is important you find what relates to YOUR process… trust me on this. But always remember, no matter how you archive your concept for reference, always remember to look up from your paper when you are on set. There are likely great things that will make themselves apparent that not only will be great might eliminate numerous shots and be as if not more effective. Your paper is reference not something you must duplicate no matter what.

    Stay safe.

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