This pandemic took us by surprise and is something that we haven’t experienced before in our entire lives before. There were a lot of unknowns at the beginning as to what the University of Houston was going to do about it. As our Spring Break was prolonged it was a moment for most of to just take a step back and continue relaxing and not have to worry about anything about school or work for most of us and just enjoy the extra week we were offered, but as we later found out that school was going online and we couldn’t go back to our normal schedule working from home can be rather distracting especially for me because I have all of my comforts here and it is really hard to stay focus. With that being say, for our own health and sanity it would be best or recommended to pretended during the week to do what you would normally do during the day if you were at school, so you can keep your mind occupied and busy and not go crazy.

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  1. Working from home on matters of school has at least been doable, but being so far away from the studios at 4381 has probably been the hardest challenge.

  2. Working online is really difficult right now. I know since i was a kid school was always a distraction from the chaos at home or even the rest of the world. School is unnecessarily hard and expensive at times but for me it truly does make me feel more valuable and engaged in a community other than the one I know. There’s some crafts I would’ve never been able to pick up or showcase without being involved with the school in one way or another. Environment is everything. I’m glad you’re finding a way to structure in the place you’re finding yourself right now.

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