An Update and StoryTime or What David is Currently Doing and Why He Likes Anime

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  • Update or What David is Currently Doing

4381 Productions is at a stand still and it’s driving me crazy. I went from coming home late working on Kelvin’s, Sofia’s, and my own video to sitting at home doing nothing. I’m trying to discipline myself to sit down and focus on work but family and my phone distracts me too much. It drives me crazy. “David, lets go, we have to mulch this garden.” “David, we have to clean the driveway.” ” David, we have to go to Tiki Island  at 9AM to shovel these rocks onto the back of the truck to take them home and throw them in the backyard.” We shouldn’t even be outside but arguing with my dad is pointless.Crazy, I tell you!(This got way too personal and specific but whatever)

Anyway, I finished the budget for The Wolf, a film written by Kelvin Kataria. It’s pretty great but kinda long. Probably a six day shoot. Also finished the budget for Spes, a film written by David Obar. Also pretty great but shorter at an estimated three day. Gonna work on a shot list for Spes now, hopefully I’ll start this weekend.

  • StoryTime or Why David Likes Anime

As I look at my anime posters, anime figures and (sigh) anime plushies, I can’t help but reminisce and wonder how I got here. My real first encounter with anime came during 5th grade.

In the summer, my mother would take my brother and I to Mexico to stay with my grandparents and take care of them for a month. The only thing we would do in the small town of Jose Maria Morelos is watch TV and go to the park in the afternoon. On channel 5, though, DragonBall Z and Sailor Moon would come on. One anime aimed for boys and another aimed for girls. Obviously, you know which one won my heart. That’s right, Sailor Moon. Irony aside, I actually loved watching Sailor Moon. The characters were cute and the visuals were bright and colorful. Don’t get me wrong, DragonBall fights were cool as hell but I loved the animation and colors in the transformation sequences in Sailor Moon. I wish I could have watched it more in my childhood, my cousin would make me change it as it was “a show for girls.” I used to avoid shows like that because of his comments but he can go kick rocks, I’m going to watch “a show for girls” if I want to. I refuse to let overs dictate what I can or can’t watch. However, I didn’t really fall in love with anime until I fell in love with a girl.

I believe it was 6th grade when I meet her. Let’s call her Julia, to protect the innocent or whatever. Julia was friends with a friend of mine, so we meet through that person. We would talk about random things like our different religions, music and cartoons. I slowly started to fall for her, talking to her as much as I could and listen to whatever she had to say. I just wanted to be around her. Anyway, one day Julia asks, “Do you watch anime?” To which I replied, “What’s that?” “Japanese animation!” Julia exclaimed. “Oh like Pokemon?”said clueless David. “No!” she said with force”that’s not anime!” (It is but Julia could have told me the moon was made of cheese and I would have absolutely believed her.) Julia would then recommend three (actual) animes: XXXholic, Ouran High School Host Club, and Clannad. I didn’t get into XXXholic but Ouran and Clannad were amazing. I would talk to her about the animes and she would recommend more to me. The genuine happiness on Julia’s face when I told her I loved Ouran is something I’ll never forget.

Sadly, we would part ways, I was moved to a different high school than Julia’s. We would lose contact and that was that. I would fall out of love with anime in high school. I didn’t watch anime until 2017 with me discovering Cowboy Bebop, my current favorite anime. From there, I found my love for anime again. Julia was and is an important part of my life. Hell, I used to have a recurring dream about her for an extended period of my life. As a friend once pointed out, anime maybe the thing that keeps me connected to her. Anime means a lot more to me than just animations on TV. It’s the joy I get from a good anime. It’s the nostalgia from a past life. It’s the feeling of being in love. It’s the memories I made, not only with the characters in these stories but with the person who opened this world to me. It’s the joy I get when I get a new poster, figure or even a plushie.

It’s all thanks to anime and Julia.


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  • KRH

    Very nice post. Much appreciated.

  • Hales

    XXXholic is visually amazing. I am not much into anime, but I really enjoyed and appreciated you sharing your life’s journey through the world of anime. I would also really like to read your and Kelvin’s scripts!

  • Miranda

    That straight up touched my heart David thanks for sharing both your oddly hyper-specific chores and your deeply poetic love for anime… and maybe still Julia? I would otp. I can’t wait to see these projects after the world ends. Hope you’re well!

  • Sofia

    We’re all just lookin for our “Julia” in this world.

  • Kelvin Kataria

    This is a wonderful post. I always admired your love for such a boundless and incredible form of media. But to learn of the deeply rooted origins of your love for anime being born out of love itself is inspiring. I’m sure Julia whoever or wherever she is would be happy to know that your love and curiosity for Anime continues to blossom.

    Send me some recommendations, also I’ll be starting Neon Genesis Avangalian today. Thanks for the post David

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