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Everyone has a hobby no matter how big or small but is something that you love doing. For me my current hobby is photography but more specifically car photography as well as portrait and landscape. One thing that I have been trying to do is to perfect my craft and what I mean by that is just not taking a picture of the car and be done with it, no! Is to see  in what other why I can position the camera that would give me a different outcome or as well the car for example how to position the car to make it standout from other car photographers, and I’m not saying that I’m trying to change the game as to how to take a photo of a car but more for myself. What I mean that there is not only a certain way of taking a picture of anything but you can find different possibilities to take a picture, and this is the perfect time to perfect that craft. It doesn’t have to be just photography this is more for me but perfect that craft on something you already enjoy doing and see if there’re different way you can do such thing what every it is.


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  • Hales

    I completely agree with you. Now is the time to perfect our favorite talents at home so that, when we rejoin the world, we are better for all of the time and connection lost.

  • Michael Grossman

    While you are looking for new and interesting angles and perspectives, be sure to explore different focal lengths in your lens choices. They all express images in different ways and it is a great tool to fully understand in visual arts.

    Stay safe.

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