Tommy’s Party: Final Cut and Final Thoughts

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Finished my Music Video a bit before the break and here it is edited and ready to be viewed:

This was only my third time directing but probably my favorite so far. I took the pre-production process more seriously than before and I felt fully prepared for my shoot by the day it came.

We had some hiccups, some of the equipment I reserved for the weekend turned out to be in use by two other students. We were too excited to reschedule (and maybe my actors schedule wasn’t flexible enough to reschedule either). Anyway, the excitement pushed us through the process.

Ended up shooting this with a Lowell kit, T6, a few gels, a broken light meter and a really great cast and mini-crew. Mid-shoot my producer and I decided to cut some shots so we could stick to our schedule which made editing a little trickier but I trusted the skill of my editor, he pulled through.

I’m proud of this shoot, I think we told a good story with what we were allowed in terms of both time and equipment. This reminded me a lot of shooting in high school, just a few friends excited about seeing themselves tell a story they know and love, a camera and some lights, and one afternoon to get it finished. and we did! Better than I imagined.

I think if we had another chance to reshoot then I’d work harder on the composition of my shots. I think we could pay a little more attention to the detail of my set. I’d ask for more help with lighting, obviously maybe use a different kit, and bring along a functioning light meter. That being said, I’ll need one of you Gaffers to teach me some tricks or help on my next projects.


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  • Patrick

    This was lovely! I think it looked great, especially for the amount of time you had. The story and emotions told by the acting matched the song very well.
    Great job:)

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