How to Use this Time

 In A thought

I have spent much of our time in quarantine worrying over how to proceed rather than finding something to keep myself busy. I think I am going to return to my post-production processes for current projects as well as projects-passed. Being stuck at home can be an opportunity to polish editing jobs as well as polish scripts I dare not show people right now. Who knew artists could benefit from time alone at home for extended (excessive) spans of time?

I have also been spending this time trying to meditate on the way my life has developed the past few years. Without 4381 much of the accomplishments I have acquired would not exist. I would not know what I know about the industry and myself within it. I would not have any sort of orientation within this realm of creation. That’s why social distancing protocols have made me feel, well, distant from the life we had just begun to find our stride in.

I know these changes are temporary, whatever that means in the long run. It still feels as though our return to the life we will have to re-acclimate to will be not be the same. Perhaps that is not a bad thing. Perhaps now is just the time to figure out how we will return to our lives when this is over.

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