A lot has happened in the last month regarding just about everything. We completed building the set for “Sensibilities”, filmed most of the script and toasted to a job well done. It was one of the most organized sets I have ever been on. Everyone was communicating well, and for that I am ecstatic. One of the things the group has seemed to struggle with the most was communication during production, and I believe we have overcome that obstacle when shooting with Director Michael Grossman; It was such a high note to end on. While the Corona Virus isn’t going to stop me from creating, it is upsetting that I won’t be able to collaborate as much as I would want to with my crew members. I have been using my time “social distancing” to attempt to write a script, since normally I find it difficult due to my lack of patience, and let me tell you… it hasn’t gotten any easier. For me, it is not only hard to keep focus, but also enjoy what I am writing about after a certain point. I find myself scrapping everything I have written because I tend to hit a road block. Maybe some of you reading can tell me how to combat this? I am super pumped to help my peers with their projects. I have read scripts and seen locations, and I can’t wait to assist in bringing their creative vision to life. Lastly, I would like to add that I am aware that a lot of media freelancers are out of work at the moment because of the pandemic. Fortunately, online streaming is a thing, so for those of you that know how to operate a camera I would definitely consider looking into some nearby churches and seeing if any of them are streaming from the church (instead of having a live service) and need a camera op. You would only have to leave your house one day out of the week (so yay for social distancing once more) and it may be just enough of a check to make up for cut hours in other places. Just don’t forget to bring your hand sanitizer.

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  1. We live in an industry that solves problems, right? Hand sanitizer is absolutely advised.

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