MOVIE MAGIC: Isolation, Killer or Mother of Creativity?

 In A thought

With the world falling apart it seems, I have taken the chaos to try and find a space to create my own world, ones that don’t ultimately stress me out like the one I’m forced to live in. In the past, I have found this “social distancing” of the outside world to be a great tool for creating and sharpening my mind in the trade of storytelling. However, I can honestly say this is post has been the most productive I have been inputting words onto a page or creating images in peoples’ imagination with my witty titles. I have been trying to revisit old projects that I have spent absurd amounts of time on already to try and finish them. And it is finishing projects that are so tough for me, whether it’s my ability to find distractions from the most mundane things or just the complete dissatisfaction with my work. Currently rewriting the ending of an original script of mine named “Laundry Day” so that I can prepare for preproduction and budgeting of the project, while also working on the edit for “A Door Closes” but having my mind itching to move onto a new project. Storytelling and movie magic has a requisite for endurance that I am still developing as a young storyteller. It can feel like war sometimes in the editing booth or when looking at an empty page, So it’s time to hunker down, dig some trenches and fight to make some movie magic. Having my fellow creators around me helped in this endeavor but due to COVID-19, I am required to hold myself accountable and fight through the dissent in my brain and create something. Anything. Because the lack of storytelling is driving me mad. For those feeling the same way, things that help me include; getting enough food and water to keep my thoughts lucid (especially in the late hours of the night,) consuming other kinds of stories that I like a can inspire me to add or change something in mind, taking a walk and just breathing some non-ventilated air. It can be tough but it’s not impossible, in the isolation you learn quite a bit about how you operate and are currently feeling, so adapt to that information don’t beat yourself up if the movie magic isn’t pouring out of you at all times, it’ll come.

And with that, I will return to my Isolation and try to continue to create.




– Enrique Castillo


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