A bump in the road

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Matty and I are in the final stages of pre-production on our upcoming project “Hannah.” It’s been a blast figuring out the steps we need to complete to get this project firing on all cylinders… That being said, we have had a few bumps in the road.

Unfortunately, like most of the world. 4381 Productions has had to move from the studios to our homes due to Covid-19. Which has made scheduling difficult and has added a few extra steps trying to collaborate with each individual at 4381 Productions. I like the project so much and working with everyone at 4381 productions that giving up isn’t an option. Everyone is always eager to work with each other and that is a driving factor in keeping this project going when the rest of the world is shut-down. Which has caused me to have the project stuck in production scheduling limbo.


Due to the Covid-19 virus the film industry has had some changes that I didn’t see coming. For instance, Universal Studios films that are in theater  have been made available for rent through streaming services such as Amazon Prime. But the exciting change that I never saw coming is that Drive-In theater sales across the country have skyrocketed compared to what it has been over the past decade. I’ve never actually been to a Drive-In Theater but its on my bucket list. It’s a great idea currently, since everyone is having “Social-Distance” themselves from everyone.

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