What better excuse do we all have to actually plan out and budget future projects? We should not be leaving the house for any nonessential reasons, and, somehow, making art doesn’t quite seem essential when we still have no idea what this virus is or what the long-term effects (if there are any) are of testing positive for it. However, what we can take control of during these supremely strange times is a strict and fastidious approach to preproduction. Ironically, preproduction is the part of any project that gets the least attention. That will certainly (hopefully) change now.

This is a great chance to lock yourself inside, open up your scripts, and rewrite them all. If you like one already (doubtful if you’re a writer), then you can start breaking it down and budgeting it. You can never be too detailed or attentive during the process of preproduction. Unfortunately it takes time. Fortunately, you finally have all the time in the world.

Good luck, stay safe, and don’t touch your face.

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