Cabin fever. But it’s better than the alternative.

 In A thought

We had a great shoot with Grossman. We learned quite a bit and worked as efficiently as a professional crew. During spring break I slept 12 hours a night and still took day naps and by Monday I felt recharged. I was ready to knock out a couple of jobs, finish up the music video project and keep this momentum going but COVID-19 turned out to be more serious than we imagined. The more I read the news the more it feels like we have no idea what’s going on. There’s nothing I hate more than being left in the dark. The only certain procedure to prevent is to avoid any and all human contact.

Yet I’m also a hypocrite. I’ve planned a shoot with David O’bar and David Rubio Wednesday, Thursday, and possibly even Sunday. We’re keeping the crew to a minimum of no more than 5, shooting for a minimal time and even bringing disinfectant and hand sanitizer.  I also have an interview shoot with Trenton Hooker on Friday. Even during spring break, I shot a live stream for a band who had to cancel their tour.

My family has been telling me not to go outside and take a break. Wait until we get more information, and it sounds like they’re right. I don’t want to get infected and spread the disease further.

But I feel trapped, I’m not moving and need to work on something.  There are so many incoming deadlines and ideas that I want to jump on. However, an idea always pops into mind “Everything in life is a risk-reward situation, but the risks have gotten much worse. Is it really worth it?”

A good friend of mine Sam has been more worried that anyone I know. He was the first to inform me that COVID-19 could infect 30-60 percent of us before the news could. When I went to his house his parents were worried, they even gave me hand sanitizer as soon as I walked in and told me to take off my jacket so they could put it in the wash. Sam’s father is a respiratory doctor who’s been monitoring COVID closely. Dr. Slusky gave me all this information that (although terrifying) I’m so grateful for. Despite having every reason to be worried, Sam is wondering when we’re going to finish the project.

So the show goes on, with caution that is.


Also, can we recommend each other movies while we self-quarantine? Stay safe.

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