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A little tired while writing this, so please forgive any mistakes.

Very happy with how the set turned out. Houk laid out the plan and we worked out butts off to make it great. Miranda dressed it well and Micheal Grossman created an amazing world around it. Oh yeah, we got to work with Micheal Grossman, whose done work with Disney, Nickelodeon and other big names. He is great at his job obviously, and honestly a great guy. Learned to make the set work with the camera, not the camera work with the set. Also apologies to Stalin. I didn’t think a director could work without a shot list or storyboard but Micheal does just that. Another mark on the loss column for me I guess. Wish I had more to say but I can’t put everything into words at the moment.

Houk doing the most Walls of Jericho

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