Week in Review #5

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Welp, this week was quite interesting. Just when you think everything is going fine, I wake up on Thursday from Matty calling me and we discussed the stages of pre-production for our upcoming project. I sat up in bed and started taking notes. We felt very good about how the  upcoming project is going.

Eventually I get out of bed and turn on the sink to wash my face… Nothing comes out of the sink. Apparently a water pipe busts in Houston and majority of the city loses water… If rain isn’t pouring down out of the sky onto the city, it’s coming out of a an old busted pipe. Because of this essentially the whole inner city gets shut down. Meaning the production for the last half of the week is lost. Some of the crew were thankfully able to work on the production over the weekend. There is still work that needs to be done. Which will kick the crew and I into hyperdrive the next couple of days to get ready for the upcoming shoot.


Producers always get what they want…

If you haven’t heard, there once was this film that entered pre-production in 1996 called “Superman Lives.” Starring Nick Cage as Superman, Tim Burton was signed on to direct, and it written by Kevin Smith the guy who did Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob, and Dogma.

Smith had to pitch his script to the producer who owned the rights to Superman at that time, Jon Peters. Now it should be noted that before he was a financially successful film producer he was Barbra Streisand’s hairdresser. Peters invited Smith to his house for him to read the script to him. As the reading went along, Peters wanted certain elements to be added to the screenplay which includes: Superman not flying, he didn’t want Superman to wear his famous red and blue supersuit, and most of all he wanted a Superman to fight a giant spider in the third act. Smith was also asked to write in a scene for Superman to fight a polar bear when he goes to his home planet. It was pretty clear to Smith that this was not going to end well.

Time Passes.

Eventually Smith was let go as the writer and Tim Burton decided not to continue the project.

Peters also decided it was best to just scrap the project. Peters went on to produce a the film in 1999 called   “Wild Wild West,” starring Will Smith and in the third act of that film what attacks the main characters? A giant spider.

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