Sonic The Hedgehog, Cool or Cute?

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A while back, I saw Sonic the Hedgehog with some friends. I could talk about the weird writing and how it tried to be a movie for kids and adults. Or how it did ended up confusing my friends, myself and my brothers. Or how it underutilized Sonic’s voice actor, Ben Schwartz. But I would like to focus on a positive. They made Sonic cute.

A while back, I saw a video on YouTube called “It’s Not Easy Being Blue” (copy and paste it on the YouTube search bar, it’s the first one.) It talks about the fall of Sonic compared to the constant rise of Mario. You see Mario is just fun. There are little to no Nintendo title starring Mario that are genuinely boring. Mario titles are fun, so we associate Mario with fun. Fun doesn’t expire or change. Fun is just fun.

When competing with Nintendo, Sega wanted to make there mascot cool. They gave an attitude. In Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega Genesis, if you don’t move Sonic, he taps his foot at you. If continues to stand there he just leaves. Later on in the series, he would talk and insult his rival, Dr. Robotnik, calling Eggman. His cocky attitude and cool demeanor (inspired by Bill Clinton and Micheal Jackson) were great….. at the time. Cool has a limit. It changes with time. Sonic is no longer cool.

Thankfully the studio behind the movie didn’t try to make Sonic cool. Obviously, at the end he gets a cool little action scene, reminiscing of the boss battles in Sonic video games, but the studio gave him a new personality. He was cute. Being cute is something that has potential to stay cute. I don’t want to get the studio too much credit, it is a kids movie and kids love cute things. Also, Sonic’s original character design was awful. But because Sonic is now cute, the movie can now appeal to more people. I doesn’t have to try and be cool by keeping up with the time, it just has to play towards what makes a character cute and it will work.

In conclusion, this change in personality is very welcomed. It gives Sonic a fighting chance to compete with the other movies like Minions and other kids movies. I hope Sega’s video game division can see this change as a positive direction and can implement this in the future.

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