Music Video and Pre-Production on “Hannah”

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My music video is so far behind schedule, I feel like choking myself.  I’ve got two performers who keep giving each other strep throat, so I’ve had to cancel shooting twice. Fortunately, I’ve been able to use the time to be extra-prepared, so I’m hoping to shoot everything I need on Wednesday. During the day, we’ll be at an apartment in Galveston. During the evening, Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe, also in Galveston. I’m afraid the shoot will bleed over into Thursday, which I would cause me to miss some classes on Thursday. But at the least, we should be finished in time for me to get to campus and help with Sensibilities that afternoon and evening.

Tyler and I are doing our best to create some momentum on “Hannah,” the project we will start shooting after Spring Break. We want to meet with actors soon, and I’m doing some prep-work for the budget and shooting schedule. I’m excited about the script and about learning more about the process and collaborating with some creative folks in class. I’m expecting the second half of the semester to be pretty packed.

Here’s a still from 2001. For reason I won’t explain, it’s part of the visual language of “Hannah” that I’m hoping to use with whoever joins Tyler and I as Director of Photography.

Image result for 2001 a space odyssey touching the monolith

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  • Patrick

    looking forward to hearing more about y’all’s production!

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