As artists we dream of one day working without limitations, to have anything we want in order to allow our unfiltered visions realized. That’s the ultimate dream, but an artist should never start our careers absent of hindrance, this is without a doubt the most harmful thing you can do to any person. A spoiled child deserves the most pity because their life is absent of humanity and growth. Thankfully my pursuit has been met with many challenges, many of them coming from lack of support. These last two years have been the most growth I’ve had as a human being, and also the most stressful (in a good way).

A year ago when starting my internship with Orlando Briones of Filmatic I assumed he saw me as a child, just another kid who hadn’t earned the title of cinematographer and was just one of the millions living in a delusional pipe dream, I couldn’t be more wrong. Orlando always pointed out faults, called me out, told me to study more, would shut down ideas to make me a better cinematographer. A year ago I felt I wasn’t even on his radar, but a week ago I asked him for some of his time to get some insight and he gladly accepted. We talked for almost 3 hours about cinematographers, ideas for my current films, my plans for the future, and of course his advice. I also showed him a Demo shot for or “Music” video, his reaction shocked me. After seeing the demo shot, just a small idea he said: “what do you need?”

I didn’t realize what Orlando was offering at the time, the chance to work on my ideas without limitations. I couldn’t turn down such an amazing opportunity and in all honesty, despite being a little nervous, I felt I was ready to paint with the brushes of my dreams. The most valuable asset I had was the experience provided to me by filmatic, UH, independent shoots, and Digicinne. But the support is now going beyond just providing experience, it’s evolving to a full-blown sponsorship of my ideas. The generous spirit provided by my filmmaking community, CameraHTX, filmatic, Orlando, UH, my amazing crew who I all owe a favor, has improved my work and invigorated my filmmaking spirit to keep getting better, with or without gear. Now I have proof that my unfiltered ideas are not some desperate fantasy, they’re tangible and here. And it’s all thanks to you, so thank you so much to my film community, I hope to keep your support and will always try to return the favor.


Here are some photos of our BTS and a still from our very successful production

Thank you.


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  1. keep working man. you’re doing great

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