Look at the world around you

 In A thought, Personal Project

And always find something new to see or see something old in a new way. We all spend our lives waiting for one thing or another. Use some of that waiting time to see as much as you can.

1. This owl was hanging outside of Studio A the other night. I thought we had left a wind screen out after a shoot and then it looked at me. Very few wind screens look at you.

2. Waiting for tamales and BBQ. Open Pennie’s. Open.

3. Still waiting for Pennie’s to open.

4. A foggy morning at the beach. Even when the sun came up it was foggy. When the sun went down it was still foggy. There were many John Carpenter references that day.

5. A flower where the rich people used to live and now the tourists wander to escape the heat.

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