Week in Review #4

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This week we all had a meeting and watched everyone’s 24 frame project. I thought my project turned out okay, I ended up liking the project more than what I expected. I get very nervous watching my own work, but getting to see everyone’s project was worth sitting through my own.

I also helped Sophia with her music video project. I ended up being an extra, which I enjoyed. It was my first time being in front of the camera for any project. Even in junior high and high school I was never in my own projects. Getting to help other people is very satisfying. Plus you never know when you might need their help for a future project.

I make an effort to at least watch one film I haven’t seen. This week I watched Pixar’s WALL-E, and I loved it. I started thinking is there a Pixar film I don’t like? I can’t think of one. I think Pixar’s success comes from family fun films that are entertaining for children and older viewers.


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  • Sofia

    You went out of your way to come to my production which I greatly appreciate. I love seeing my coworkers take on a position during shooting that they haven’t gotten a chance to tackle yet, so I’m glad you got to be in front of the camera this time. Can’t wait to help you on future projects.

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