Directing No.1 Party Anthem

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The first time directing was a fulfilling experience. Seeing my vision brought to life on screen was definitely a rewarding moment that everyone needs to have. Challenges were presented, and I learned that decisiveness is essential in this role. This is something I struggle with but having my crew there, especially my DP, helped a ton. Storyboarding is important, and we all know this, but so is sticking to the specific timing of your storyboard especially when shooting a video that relies on the beat and narrative of that song. I’m most proud of the opening shot of the video, but it definitely wasn’t the toughest shot to get. Getting the wide I wanted just wasn’t in the cards, mostly because of the power situation. This didn’t hinder how beautiful the project turned out. I’m proud of what my crew and I accomplished, and I can’t wait to see it cut together.

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