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Spent the weekend prepping a bit for my next project, Tommy’s Party based off the song by Peach Pit. I’m working with a solid shot list now which gave me way more peace than the storyboard I was originally using to organize my thoughts. I had more going on in my head than I (or anyone probably) imagined. I think I’m finally feeling prepared for my shoot Saturday afternoon.

Shots, listed. 

Location, scouted.

Actors, secured.

Equipment, reserved. 

There’s one final piece of the song I’m still struggling with, which are the instrumental breaks. My task tomorrow is to sit with the music, study the narrative, and find the best use for this creative free space.

Shot List:

Lyrics/Script: Tommy’s Party by Peach Pit

Hey there bud, how’d it go last night?
I saw you at the band stand looking pretty slammed
Did you see me feeding all my drinks to Cam?
Probably not I guess, you were quite the mess
And that girl who tagged along there with you
I never caught her name but she seemed fucked up too
From where I sat she looked to be having fun
Keeping up with you, just like I used to
Hey there bud, how’d it go last night?
I’m sorry to have ditched out but I was pretty high
Heard from Leslie that on his stumble home
Nat was puking up all that beer she’d drunk
Though we didn’t talk much how’d your evening go
You barely spoke a word to me besides that slurred hello
But I happened to see without even tryin’
How she laughed with you, just like I used to
Hey there bud, how’d it go last night?
I woke up to a pair of shoes I’ve not seen next to mine
Did you whisper as you crept in through the door
How you’d never done much like this before?
I was thinking back just the other day
Remember when we used to sneak out late to go and blaze
Seemed like loneliness was all we’d ever do
But now she’s knowing you, just like I used to
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