Luis’ Production Update #1 “Struggle”

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The past month at 4381 can be summed up with one word: Struggle.

Much like newborn babies trying to find their way around the world, our month of set up was full of kicking, screaming, and hints of crying as we struggled to get our production groove together. At first, the struggle was sinister, a chaotic mess of ideas and disorganization. I’m more than certain that at several points over the month, the question “is this really what I want to do” popped into the heads of some of us.
One mutual thing we all as a crew could bond over, was our love for the art. That was clear during our two crew meetings, where tensions seemed to be highest. The passion I am lucky enough to be surrounded by in this crew, affirmed that what we struggled against was worth seeing through. An uphill, demanding struggle of bodies and positions began to form into a cohesive and increasingly productive crew.
Now, I feel like we’ve turned what would have been a season of struggles and pushing, into one of productivity and learning. I think about the struggles ahead (and oh, there sure will be) not with fear, but a willingness to take it on.

I think the featured image on this post captures how far we’ve come, and our willingness to embrace this struggle as my crewmates and I happily smile with our gear in hand. Not feeling the weight of the equipment, but the joy of filmmaking ahead.

(The picture also captures my inability to focus a damn selfie)

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