Week in Review #3

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I’ll start out by saying that this week was extremely productive. On Thursday, we finally finished up the production side of “A Door Closes.” We finished it up with a barebones crew outside. I must say no one in the crew has ever had to stand out in the cold for that long of time. Definitely a memory I’ll have ingrained forever.  Luckily we did finish it regardless of weather that has been cold and wet recently. Now it just needs to be edited and it will be completed.

I also picked a song for my next project, which will be “Long Black Veil” by Johnny Cash. I’m very excited to start on it. I think it’ll be fun.

On Saturday, we had a shoot that went so smooth that our executive let us have Tuesday of next week off. That is a nice bonus!

I’ve also started to wrap up the 24 frames project, I can’t say I absolutely love how it turned out. However, it was very fun for me to work on and I learned A LOT. Sometimes you may not love how it turned out, but you just need to finish a project and move on to the next.

Till next time,

Tyler Bailey

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