MOVIE MAGIC: The Houdini SD Card

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These last two week has been an absolute stinker. Productions all across the board felt bogged down and slow. Which made creating my individual project so fun and rewarding. It was just me and two actors who I work very well with and a camera. There isn’t this worry of having to argue over different opinions of scenes and what they should look like, I could just shoot the things I wanted. I had to improvise when I realized after driving to the other side of town that I had left behind the set of ARRI Lights I wanted to use for this very nice somber, love story that depended on a very pivotal outdoor scene. I had to scramble since I had naturally lost the sunlight and was losing time to complete this project on the allotted deadline. I managed to shoot this really fun, black and white Valentine’s Day-themed Slasher. I spent all day and night shooting finishing the shoot at around 1:30 am. The weekend rolls by and now it is time to edit my project…only I had lost the SD card. Anger and frustration were only some of the things I was feeling, but most of all defeated. I had dedicated a lot of effort into making an impromptu script/ shoot into one of my favorite things I have shot, only to lose it and not be able to share it. This whole week I spent searching for this card everywhere, driving all over Houston and Katy in hopes of finding my Houdini SD card. I had decided to give up on the endeavor and start it all over again. Inspiration from a colleague of mine named Stalin saying “just make it better.” So taking those words of inspiration…I certainly tried. I did not have access to my actors or any rather being that it was Valentine’s Day weekend, so I decided to again flip the script and attempt a single man production. Having a bit of help from my 14-year-old sister I shot (with lights and color) a one-man film of the same theme to the B&W slasher I had made before. It was challenging, overwhelming and also rewarding being able to finish that project. I was happy with most of my shots and proud of the work I made. Even though the work lost may have been what I was most excited for, I learned a lot about myself as a filmmaker and the perseverance one needs to not crumble under the pressure of their own egos. I am now going to transfer the info over so I don’t have to worry about losing my project again. Oh, and of course as the universe would have it, my Houdini SD card has reappeared to me…formatted. Sick.


Here are photos of the first shoot. Movie Magic

Enrique Castillo

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