MOVIE MAGIC: OK, I’ve Decided

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So I have decided I’m going to pitch my very first original script and direct that project. It’s a 14-page script with a total of 4 characters. I wrote this script last year and was very fortunate to have a group of writers to share it with and have them express their opinions of my work. They all seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. Writing has always been a huge passion of mine even though in my days of high school I was told I was not great. I think that and also my huge passion for storytelling I have really made it an effort to be a good writer. Though I’ve always been shy with my work for fear of rejection I’ve decided that “Nah I’m good enough” and I’m going to try and organize a larger scale production to make this work. I’ve always wanted to direct but have taken a backseat, but not this time. I will keep everyone posted on the progress but I think it’s about time we made some Movie Magic baby.

  (concept art of my script)

Enrique Castillo

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