The Temptation to Be Overwhelmed

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I’m working on my Song Video, and feeling a bit daunted by the size of it. This is ironic, of course, because the song is pretty simple. It has only two characters and two (maybe 3) locations. But here, at the beginning of the process, it seems huge.

From the ground, every mountain looks enormous. And, of course, salvation comes from taking the first step, then the next one, and so on.

Fortunately, my other classes (four of them!) are relatively predictable and manageable, so I should be able to focus a lot of time and energy into this project. On the other hand, I also have family responsibilities and I’m already committed to a few money-making gigs, so I’m still feeling stretched a bit thin.

Priorities: actors and locations. Then will come storyboards and logistics.

Collaborators are a high priority, for this project especially. I’m afraid that I’ll need to focus on lighting and camera so much that I’ll neglect the actors and a lot of important details. Especially since I’m still learning about all of these things, and how to do them tolerably well.

Here’s my song.

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