“I would travel down to Hell and wrestle a film away from the devil if it was necessary.”-Werner Hertzog

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We definitely had to travel hell to try to get a hold of our production. Even twenty minutes before class we’re already presented with bad news, cornering us against the wall and forcing us to adapt to the pressure. The initial confusion and panic just loomed in the air, I’m sure like many of you it felt like absolute hell to be put in such a helpless situation. wasting that precious time we hoard for later, the time to create.

Losing our control that forces us to be stagnant, is there anything more frustrating in filmmaking? It feels wrong to waste that precious time we usually hoard for later, the time to create. Immediately after the production, everyone came to one agreement “This can never happen again”. We’d already made plans directly after, agreed to send each other links and start drawing up concepts as soon as we could. Absence makes the heart grow fond, and being absent from creativity really makes me miss it.

That’s why I think this quote is still relevant, we saw the preview of hell and I’m positive not a soul on this production wants to see the full feature. With the right planning, communication adjustments, and use of our almost excessive passion to create I’m positive Digincine will turn this around. After we wrestle this film away from hell and take back control, we’ll be eager to get back on set.


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