MOVIE MAGIC: Getting the Rust Off

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We’ve been working on the short film “A Door Closes” for about two weeks and honestly so far the work we have managed to do looks pretty great. At first, the crew was still coming back from the holidays which made us a bit slow but after some discussion about what our ambitions and desires are for our crew, we have kicked ourselves into gear. Our director Stalin Santiago is doing a very good job of managing his production with me as his assistant director. The crew is excited to work and passionate about storytelling and it shows in the results. We were able to incorporate a massive ring light into the production that gave a really nice flooded orange color to the room while also keeping the correct f/stop. I have enjoyed working with our DP and fellow colleagues in brainstorming solutions that all make the film better.

We had actors come in and show off some really great emotion and chemistry in what is a very intimate and emotional scene. Direction from Stalin helped the actors feel more comfortable in their environment and were able to give us some pretty great scenes. We have shot our most complicated shot for this unit crew, we have our close-ups and then we move on to the second unit to shoot outdoors. I absolutely love being in production mode, I find it relieves a lot of stress and gives me a real sense of purpose being a dependable teammate to my crew. I don’t mind the responsibility of managing at all, in fact, it makes me feel more immersed in the story we are telling. Excited to see how this one turns out!

Let’s make some Movie Magic 🙂

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