Overworked, under slept, and wanting more.

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Even in the second week of classes, Digicinne is already spending the majority of our day in the studio and dedicating our time to film. Even after the first day of class, I was scheduled to work on a personal model shoot, here are some photos (will post more on this shoot later)


It’s been gradual but it’s nice to finally get back into the groove of things. The first day I felt as though our scene needed some work, but from a lack of communication from my part, the result ended up being an image I wasn’t too proud of. I was starting to get frustrated and felt as though the scene was going nowhere. Thankfully after an insightful talk with David Rubio, the crew caught a second wind and we were able to create a far more appealing scene.

New setup (Getting closer)

A good portion of us decided to stay a bit after to rework the scene. We decided to ditch the flat image and work on more of an overhead/BIV. Ditching the window also allowed us to work with the 1k so we have a lot more versatility than the 2k light. Here’s the scene’s look and it’s light metering

Not yet color corrected and not the final wide birds-eye view we’ve settled on, but very close. we’ve since removed the shadow on the lamp, balanced out those pillars on the wall, lit the floor to create more of a window effect, and furnished the room.


Are our setups finished? No definitely not, but is it substantially better? Absolutely, I’m happy we were able to work out solutions together, reintroduce the ring light to create the beautiful fill light, and get this angle with more dimentionality.


Before we started to work as a unit I was anxious to get this scene over with and work on the next project, I became something I never wanted to be in the film industry, complacent. However, after getting inspired by my teammate’s unwillingness to compromise,  I’m now looking forward to our production on A Door Closes. But for now, I’ll be working remotely in Dallas and relaxing with my brother after this stressful week.

See you soon guys!

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