I don’t know why I hadn’t done this before as I have been told by many do it. But if when you get the time y’all need to watch a movie with no audio and no subtitles. Just observe the shots and try to understand the detail put into every frame of the film (hopefully you’re watching a good one). Me and some others did this the other day while building a set in the studio. The movie that struck me the most was “Columbus”. I had seen the movie before but may have been too focused on the dialogue or story to appreciate the shots. After watching it again without audio, I have found a new appreciation for this film. The cinematographer is Elisha Christian, she hasn’t done much feature film cinematography work but I sense that she will be getting some jobs soon. I love her reflections, use of focus, and attention to detail. You are truly brought into the story with the shots while observing with an interesting perspective.

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