A Lighting Study

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“Rain Dogs” was my first credit with 4381 Productions. Prior to this, I’ve admired complex or unique lighting schemes… at a distance.
In my own small way, I have been studying light for a long while. As a painter, I recognize the thousands of colors that can be enhanced by lighting, and its importance in bringing depth to a scene. It transforms the mood of the entire composition.
Unfortunately, I’ve been more experimental in my treatment of light while painting than in my personal production work. Because my personal arsenal of lighting equipment is so limited compared to what has been made available to me at 4381 Productions – I’ve played it somewhat safe. But I realize light can make or break a production.
Creative and well thought out lighting can make any project stand out. If too simple, on the other hand, it can make a project appear hastily thrown together and amateurish.
In my opinion, the most unique aspect of “Rain Dogs” was the lighting element positioned behind the talent. Not only does it fill in the space on set, it seemed to be the perfect finishing touch. The set-up involved the interplay of red and blue lights through a rotating fan. This was positioned to shine through a dirty warehouse window. In this way, it creates an element of steady motion to highlight seated actors.
In the end, this project gave me a close up look at how light can polish any work.

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