Juggling Two Passions

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I’ve been in school now for almost seven years, and, while it has not always been about the grades or my performance as a student, it has been an educational journey with every single step. Now, on my last year of undergraduate schooling, I am faced with possibly the biggest challenge I have ever had to overcome: my love for writing, and my love for working behind the camera.

Nobody ever said these two paths of creation cannot fill something of the same spot in my life, both at the same time. The challenge is simply that choices need to be made. Will I be able to view panels from published writers who have advice and content to share, or will I need to devote that time to set-building and shooting projects of my own? At least, at this point anyway, I have recognized the solution as being a matter of choosing my level of involvement in either of my two biggest (only) passions in life. It is a matter of juggling.

Of course, at some point in the future, it might become less difficult to choose. I might have always called myself a writer, but I have always wanted to work on bringing visions-whether my own or not-to life from behind the camera. Recently, I have been feeling a tugging pull toward production. Toward making the 2-dimensional truly tangible, 3-dimensional. I have been so caught up in the fast-paced nature of the studio, the constant noise and motion of crew members around me, that I have been able to almost completely lose myself to the hustle and grind that is the entire process of bringing visions to life. Do my fellow undergraduates and I-in either the writing or production world-still have much to learn? Of course, we do! This is the point. I just hope we all can give ourselves the fighting chance to learn, improve, and do the things we love to do. Our passions are everything in this world.

I just wish, sometimes, that it didn’t feel like I am choosing between passions. I wish I had more time in my days, more energy. In the meantime, though, I will keep reminding myself that I can only do my best while trying also to improve “my best”. I cannot wait for what the future of my undergraduate career holds, and I can only imagine what doors I might be able to enter once I walk across that stage in May.

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