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Many productions are wrapping this week and editors will have to start thinking about how the story will be told. Yes the cuts and transitions are a factor, but the music and sound are what bring it all together. In my editing process for Rain Dogs I found it easier to get the music after the edit is done. I think it’s better after the fact because my personal view of the feel of the story changes constantly as i’m editing. Once the final cut is done then you’ll know the tone you want to go for. Finding Music and sound effects takes a lot of time and should not be taken lightly. Licensing, copyright issues, and just find the perfect sound can become barriers that many don’t think about. So to help the editors I’ve found some sites that you can use to find the perfect tones for your films without the hassle  of licensing that may cost an arm and a leg. These sites also offer convenient ways to find what you’re looking for with an array of different categories.

The Youtube Audio library ( Requires login)

Firstcom (4381 Productions has exclusive licensing)


Soundcloud (Check with creator for licensing and credit)

Lastly if you find any songs or sounds on youtube or another platform that you are not sure requires credit, don’t be afraid to contact the artist to make sure. Good luck y’all!

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