A long road ahead.

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I’ve posted a lot these past few months, I have thought about a lot of what I’ve learned and grown up from but today I had a talk with one of my friends in my Single Cam class and had a talk with her about how she is going to quit production for awhile.

I’m not going to lie to you, this isn’t surprising especially since my class had a very few amount of people who really wanted into this line of work and the rest just kind of skated by. I won’t go into details but it was an experience I didn’t know I’d recover from because it honestly made me question rather I’m going down the right path.


Anyway my friend letting me know she would be quitting production means that now I am Director, Producer and Editor of my current project, honestly that’s for the best because it gives me a chance to have people from 4381 productions involved in this music video, which gives me a chance to share the load and create something great out of this project.  I’m a little bummed that yet another person from my class has dropped out of production but it’s their decision and its better for them to take care of themselves instead of pretending to want something they don’t.


I on the other hand will continue my journey down this path and see where it takes me, I am proud of my progress and I hope to find more who want the same goals as me down the road.

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