Editing “A Typical Romance”

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Roberto and I are editing the footage we took with Micheal Grossman, its going pretty well regardless of a few bumps here and there, but I was told by Grossman that we are getting there in the editing process and we are doing good work. This honestly raised my confidence, because I feel that we have been putting a good amount of work into this (Roberto more) and its great because I can finally learn the process of editing.  Also since Roberto is teaching me along the way I am becoming more confident with my decisions in the editing processes,  From now on I’ll make it a personal goal to learn to shoot my footage and edit if I can’t.


Of course I’m not still learning but I have Grossman, Roberto and Houk teaching me which honestly helps because I’m seeing three different ways to go about the editing process. So I’m on my way of becoming a more experienced editor and content creator.



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