How ‘Super 8’ Inspired Me

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I knew I wanted to be a filmmaker ever since I was in elementary school but I never attempted to pick up a camera until I was in high school. The previous summer before I started my freshman year, I saw a movie called Super 8 directed by J.J. Abrams. Seeing Super 8 in theaters was a memorable experience for me because as a child I was obsessed with Spielberg movies. Super 8 is a homage to Spielberg’s earlier films as it captures the same style and feel. 

The film tells the story of a group of kids who are making their own movie when strange things begin plaguing their small town after a train derailment. Watching a film about kids my age making their own movie inspired me to make my own movie. The movie was an amateur zombie film starring me and my friends. Due to the limitations of being a young high school student I didn’t get very far but the experience was fun and led to some great memories. While I don’t have anything to show for that experience, the memory of making that short film still stays with me. 

Recently I re-watched Super 8 after not seeing it in a few years. Watching it made me think a lot of the experience I had making my first film. While I found that certain elements of the film such as the ending don’t hold up as well, I still have an affinity for it. It reminded me of my humble beginnings as a filmmaker and made me realize how far I’ve come since then. While other movies have influenced me more, I’m sure that if I never saw Super 8 I wouldn’t have had the memorable experience that I had in high school.

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