It’s Okay To Crash and Burn

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    These words were spoke to us in the office at 4381 production by our EP and it made me realize I made a mistake. I was so afraid of crashing and burning I gave up on every project I set to start. If it was. a script, I wouldn’t finish it because I hated my dialogue, if it was directing I would ask others to help more than put effort into showing my own ideas because I would think I’m not that creative, and I even have not done a storyboard because I was afraid of my drawing ability but what I didn’t see was, at least I’m doing something. 

    I’m sure you all are aware of my departing of the title Director of Photography but I thought I was making the correct decision, however I did exactly what I did in the past few blogs I talked about and I feel that no lesson was truly learned except I’m calling myself on it now.  

    I believe Guillermo will do a fantastic job and honestly I no longer regret my decision, I will prove myself to be reliable and even though I have made my mistakes I am learning even if it feels like I’m not.  I know this to be true because each day in this production I fine myself learning something new about myself and about how to properly tell a narrative. Yes of course we fall and we make some failures in our films but at least we did it. We created something, even if it wasn’t perfect, we made something together as a team and did something amazing with the knowledge that I hope we all learned here together.  

     I was also told today that a finished film is better than a perfect unfinished one, and hearing that I think I grew a little more confident in myself because I have a lot of finished projects now.  In fact I have managed to have a project done each year for the past 6 years, Of course they weren’t all perfect but they are mine and I love that. I know I can be a bit melodramatic but I really wanted to share this because I’m happy with my progress, finally after a few bumps in the road I think I finally know what I want and even if I crash and burn I’ll get back up and move on to the next project.


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