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Us is the latest film directed by Jordan Peele after his critically acclaimed  directorial debut film Get Out. Writing and directing the horror film Get Out served as a career change for Peele who was mostly associated with the comedy genre due to his popular sketch comedy series Key and Peele. Despite having the pressure of following Get Out, Peele once again succeeds in making a great horror film.

Us tells the story of a family that is terrorized by a family of doppelgangers while on vacation. It’s a film that’s filled with tons of suspense and a little bit of humor sprinkled throughout. There is also very clever imagery sprinkled throughout the film that represents themes of duality. The cast is also terrific and has an especially great leading performance from Lupita Nyong’o. Us further cements Jordan Peele as not only a great director but also a great storyteller in his own right.

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