Me and Bobby Mcghee

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Well first of all I’d like to thank everyone who helped me with his project, I was overwhelmed and honestly I could have done better; but with that aside I am really happy with our progress.  So thank you Guillermo, Liana, Iggy and Mike for being my camera people and thank you Roberto for helping me edit this project, I honestly couldn’t have done it without you because editing is something that still scares me which I hope I will overcome one day and be sure of myself. 

I want to also thank my actors who were amazing and really stuck through the cold and a bit of misdirection at first but we made something great in the end and I’m proud of them and happy they were so patient with me.

The number one thing I learned on this project that will stay with me forever is to trust in myself and others, because when I was able to do that I found a way to tell the story.

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