Its a wrap for one project and inspiration for another

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We had a lot on our plate  for 4381 Productions this weekend, but we are not losing speed. Especally now that we have more to prove.

First, I helped my co-workers with their projects and even though we had some bumps down the road, we got them wrapped and I am proud of that.

My cast and crew today was amazing, this was my first directing job and ill admit I  wasnt great at first.  I was very nervous and on edge but my crew brought me back, even though I was rude to them at first. However, we talked and took a step back and let the actors take a break– afterwords we got everything done and our actors were  great and very open minded and patient with my vision and lack of experience.

  But even though I overcame my project we are almost at 11th hour here, because Micheal Grossman is visting our studio and we need to come up with a script, but we are hitting this hard and keeping our inspirations going. I’m proud of these guys and even though we aren’t perfect but we make it work, 4381 productions is a team that wants to go beyond thinking outside the box and here to the dreamers and fearless creators, because of you we can find our vision.

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