Inspiration Drain

 In A thought

It seems this Spring has open a large drain in the inspiration room of several people at the offices of 4381. I’m flying in walking inspiration this weekend in on Michael Grossman, director extraordinaire. I’m hoping his week in the offices will prove to be just what several of us need to rejuvenate the passion for production. It’s not that the work has been lacking when I’ve seen it.  The work has often times been good, but often times not good. The work on the commercial shoot was excellent. The independent stuff has been well…sparse is the best way to describe it. I should have seen a lot more than I have and my eyes are not tired from watching.

So, I took my eyes and my dogs out for a walk today. The German Shepherd is good for location scouting, but terrible at standing still for photo taking. So, walked him first and then took the Shepherd/Labrador mix out for the photos on walk number two. If your inspiration is waining, take a walk around and look at things you never look at. See the world new. Try to be amazed by things. Don’t just walk.

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