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Tuesday was a very good day for me inspiration wise, I managed to  calmly figure out what I can do for my project by asking a coworker if he can help me with finding a truck. I know I need to do most of this myself and I am, however working on the storyboard is honestly one of the most difficult things I have done because my imagination can never really fit what I put on paper. On top of that I am afraid of my own creativity in fact I’m a bit of a perfectionist so a lot of times they’ll be a spark of inspiration and the moment I start to over analyze the whole story begins, then poof the inspiration is gone. However, today would continue to be full of inspiration for me since we had a surprised guest speaker by the name of Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour Jr. who showed us his short film “Born with it” and had a Q&A afterwards.

Here is a  synopsis of the film:  (On his first day of school in a small Japanese town, a half Japanese half black boy tries to prove to his new classmates that his dark skin is not a disease.)


I learned a lot from Emmanuel and he talked his experience making the film and his travels, I couldn’t help but feel inspired. as for the Q&A  I was nervous to ask questions but after awhile of hearing other great questions that got me thinking, so I asked my first question which was a stumble at first but he understood me which made me feel so much better about myself and my train of thought.  I asked about the trust aspect of the production and how he managed it, as well ass the pressure of being director, writer and producer of his film– of course thats not how it exactly came out but he thankfully understood what I meant . The explanation he gave was great, he basically said he needed to find the right people he could trust to do each job so he can handle what he needed to do. Furthermore, Emmanuel mentioned not liking the process of writing but instead liked being a director more, this was relatable to me and got me thinking that maybe I should look more into directing and not worry so much about how I write my own scripts.

After everything was over I had an opportunity to talk to  Emmanuel but I was nervous at first which was silly because this was a great chance to talk to another person who is in the film business so with the help with a fellow screenwriter Ny’ree, I built the courage to go and talk with him. We had a talk about script writing and finding the feelings and characters for any script and how it also helps to trust in those you are working with as well as just to write to get it on paper then bring the edited mind to it later. Ny’ree and I also got to find out more about receiving grants from the city of Houston and how its easier to receive one here because the Houston Arts Association is looking for people to help with whatever project they show they have a great passion for. So of course this opened my eyes to the a lot of possibilities and I am very grateful to have talked to him and even was able to network with him by getting his email which is the second time I have been able to network with someone in the film business, which means I must be doing something correct.

I’m going to stop here because I didn’t mean to have so many posts in a row these few days and I have rewritten this post a dozen times because I just couldn’t quite figure out how I wanted to convey my message but I took my lesson today to heart and decided to write my thoughts first and then come back with an edited mind later so I can share with you all my experience, I hope my inspiration given to me today helps you all in whatever project you are working and I look forward to working on more creative projects.

Thank you for reading my post and now I can finally go to sleep!

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