Sorry to Bother You-Movie Review

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Sorry to Bother You directed by Boots Riley, is perhaps one of the most unique films in recent memory. It tells the story of Cassius “Cash” Green who becomes a telemarketer for the fictional RegalView company. He is at first unsuccessful until he adopts his “white voice” which helps propel him to the top of the corporate ladder.

The film brilliantly blends absurdist humor with magic realism to tell the story of a man who gets swept up by the extravagant appeal of capitalism. The screenplay’s themes of corporate greed and worker’s rights are excellently brought out through effective world building. The film also goes in a very unpredictable direction due to a revelation that no audience member will ever see coming. The cast also gives all around great performances that help bring their odd and yet relatable characters to life. I highly recommend Sorry to Bother You to anyone who hasn’t see it as it’s an effective dark comedy and a terrific directorial debut for Boots Riley.



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