Why Hereditary’s Oscar Snub Matters

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Toni Collette had every reason to be screaming after she saw the Academy Award nominations for Best Actress.

The 46 year-old Australian actress put on the performance of her career in the terrifying film from A24 Pictures. The film was a box office success, grossing $79 million off of a $9 million budget, received rave reviews from critics, and not long after its release had film journalists speculating about Colette’s Oscar chances.

A few, however, were wary given the Oscar’s tendency to look down on horror films in favor of more mainstream crowd-pleasers like Green Book and Black Panther. Their fears, unfortunately, were confirmed.

While it was always a long shot that Ari Aster’s feature film debut would snag the more prestigious nominations like Best Picture, Best Director, or Best Original Screenplay (though it was definitely worthy of being nominated in each category) – Collette’s snub is more troubling and indicative of the Oscar’s desperation to stay relevant with an increasingly uninterested audience.

All one can hope is that this year’s disappointing crop of Best Picture nominations, combined with the Oscar host controversy, will fail to increase the Oscars ratings. Perhaps then, the Oscar voters will veer away from shameless pandering.

But then again, we’re talking about an institution that failed to recognize Kubrick and Hitchcock. What the hell do they know anyway?

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