First attempt to photograph a lunar eclipse

 In Personal Project

On Sunday night I set out to photograph the lunar eclipse. I used a Manfrotto tripod, a Canon T7i, a Canon zoom lens 55mm-250mm (at 250mm) however the camera has a crop sensor (1.6x) so that 250mm focal lenght is actually closer to 400mm.

The full moon was exposed at 1/400, F6.3 with ISO at 100. As the moon began disappearing I exposed it 1/125, F11 and ISO at 100 once again. Getting a good image of the blood moon was a bit tricker since it was so dim, so I exposed it at 1″, F5.6 and ISO 100.

I then used photoshop to make a composite image from 4 photographs. I was extremely pleased with the results, I did not expect my first attempt to photograph an eclipse to go as well as it did.

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