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On Friday and Saturday evening, I helped work on Alyssa and Gabe’s project with the architecture students, titled “An Uninvited Guest.” I was specifically hired to set up the lighting for the scenes they were filming. There were more people on set than I expected. In addition to the hired crew, there were four or five architecture students there, as well as a couple of other people. We even got to meet Gabe’s father, aka William.

After setting up the lighting for the bathroom scene, I backed out of there for a few reasons. One, it was too crowded. Two, I didn’t want to be in the shot. And three, I wanted the architecture students to be able to see what was going on.


The scenes in the bathroom made up the bulk of the time on Friday, so when we regrouped on Saturday, it was time to get down to business.

On the second day of shooting, I was a body double for two scenes. Since I was a body double for two scenes, I am demanding payment for doing so. If I do not receive a portion of the allocated actor’s budget, I plan on filing a Valenti Lawsuit™ in order to be compensated. Please expect a Valenti Subpoena in the mail if you were there on the second night of filming. The above picture is from my point of view during one of the scenes, right before Alyssa called the slate. I had to stand outside for like half an hour working a light while everyone was inside filming, and I never was told when I could come back in. Maybe I was The Uninvited Guest after all.

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