3-Hour Shoot

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Last week, we were assigned to write and shoot a film in a total 3 hours. While it seems there’s only so much you can do in 3 hours, I was excited by the challenge and tried to film an ambitious project despite the constraints.

The story centered around a scientist who builds an android to replace his ex, even going as far as to make them look identical. The idea of the story would be that the android would get jealous and try to kill the ex, while the scientist has to stop her. And as I write this all out, it’s not surprising that we ran out of time.

The only scene we got to film was the first interaction between the scientist and the android. We spent 2 hours and 50 minutes filming my side(as the scientist) and had to scramble to film the android’s side. In the end, we settled by just putting our actress in front of a green screen.

While the experience was a frustrating one, I did take away a few things. Obviously, the story was too ambitious, and I should’ve compromised more in the writing process. However, I don’t consider our efforts to be a waste, and thought we were onto something. The editing suite made for a great practical set, and the emotional beats were all there. Maybe next time, I can write a more concise story that’ll work with our limitations, as opposed to against them.

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